I am addressing you as a simple way to migrate without having to worry about practical details.  Those of you who want to pack your bag and go away for a weekend to enjoy the unique environment of Skattungbyn in Orsa, Dalarna. For those of you who feel that it would be relaxing and inspiring with a weekend in a red log cabin, be served good food and spending time with farm animals (sheep, horses, chickens, dogs and cat) and of course out walking in the nature, then this is for you. This is hikes in small groups with me as a constant guide and companion.

There is room for five participants in a trekking trip. The house you will live in has 4 beds, and one extra bed. It is possible to bring your dog but it is important that it works well with other dogs.

Skattungbyn is located 16 km northeast of Orsa in Dalarna, Sweden. The village is located in a northern hillside with a magnificent view, and in the valley below flows Ore River and Skattunge Sea. The village has a small general store. The walks will start from Skattungbyn and we will walk in the woods and alongside the river.

During the hike we will have plenty of time for outdoor adventure. On Friday and Sunday, we bring coffee with us and on Saturday trek we also bring lunch with us.

Arranged tours have been an idea that has been brewing for me for years. One day, I felt that now was the time to try out and I started to put together this website with the help of my brother. Life is too short to not realize my ideas. As long as I remember I loved to walk and hike and then always with the company of my dogs. I moved to Skattungbyn because I attended a course in 1989. In 2004 I moved here for the third time. The reasons I return depends largely on the nature and climate.

The seasons are distinct which means snowy winters and absolutely gorgeous summers. I like the barren landscape with breathtaking views that offers sumptuous harvest of blueberries and cranberries. This is a conservative rural area where more people move from than to the area. The benefits are well preserved traditions such as midsummerfeast, traditional bredbaking, Vasaloppet, Falun traditional red paint, berry picking, church boat rowing, skiing and skating. Precisely because it is sparsely populated, there are endless opportunities for nature and the outdoors. All this is a bit of what can be offered to those who want to come here.

Welcome to Skattungbyn in Dalarna, Sweden!